Another favour if you guys know anyone?

if any of you guys can refer me to someone, i'd be really grateful

i'm doing another research/interview essay for school and i'm looking for adolescent girls who create fake internet personas (pictures, stories) and engage in online relationships with them...

if you guys know anyone who'd be willing to be interviewed anonymously about this, i'd be very grateful. please let them know that i'm just looking to write about the emotions involved, not looking to call them out or insult them in any way. i know some of you have had this happen to you/your photos, but i'm not looking for that side of the story.

if you do happen to know someone, please give them this email address - psych.emotion@gmail.com
or if you want to write to me to tell me about someone, you can use that address or my regular one (reena@morphinebaby.com)


and no, francine, i don't want to talk to you.

looking for self-mutilators

hello people, please help me out here and refer me to someone you know, i promise i'll return the favour somehow

i have to write a research/interview essay on a topic of personal interest to me, and i'm choosing extreme body modification & self-mutilation. but i need some people who would be willing to answer questions/be interviewed (anonymously if they choose).

i'm looking for people who:

have self-amputated
have desires to self-amputate
have sexual desire towards amputees or sexual fantasies about being amputated

have participated in suspension rituals
have desires to participate in suspension rituals

have participated in extreme scarification rituals
have desires to participate in extreme scarification rituals

have a split tongue
desire to have a split tongue

have sewn their mouth (temporarily or permanently)
desire to sew their mouth(temporarily or permanently)

have sewn their eyes (temporarily or permanently)
desire to sew their eyes (temporarily or permanently)

i'm not looking to judge anyone, the purpose is not to point out any of the above as wrong or disgusting lifestyle choices, i just want the emotions behind it

i'd like to try livejournal before bmezine, i'm thinking friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend sort of thing might be more willing to tell me about themselves?

please help -i'd be so grateful

i will keep all comments permanently screened so people can remain anonymous, or email me reena@morphinebaby.com

"life story interview"

this is from a textbook, but don't be scared. i don't want to analyze it, or even respond, i just want to read it.

so.. i wanna know.
and if you feel like telling me, please do.

if you don't feel like doing so openly, write me - reena@morphinebaby.com, in fact, that's probably better, you'd tend to write more in an email than a livejournal comment i'd think.
(anonymous people too)

so...tell me your story.

1. divide your life into chunks, chapters, each with their own "plot summary"

2. for each of the following "scenes", describe what happened, who was involved, what you were thinking and feeling, what you think that episode says about who you are, or might be;

// high point
// low point
// turning point
// earliest memory
// important childhood episode
// important adolescent episode
// one other important episode

3. identify and describe the biggest challenge/problem you've faced in life, how it developed, and what you've done to meet that challenge

4. identify and describe in detail the one character with the most positive ifluence in your life story and the one with the most negative influence

5. where is your story going? what will happen next? what will your future look like? future goals? dreams? fears?

6. where do your values lie? are you religious? what are your political beliefs? morals? ethics? causes you support? practices you're against? describe your fundamental values and how they've developed over time

7. look at everything you just wrote and come up with a "theme" central to your story so far

gimme, i want to eat you all up.

mr. spelman, if you're reading this, please answer