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14 December
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i want to be a princess

mon citron est éphémère

i have another journal too _morphinebaby.
but you can't talk to me in it.

[hope purity charity peace], altered states, attaining a gray existence, beauty, bound wrists, broken glass, buzzing sensation, canada, candy, clouds that equal god, collar bones, comfort, complete chaos, consciousness and lack of, control and lack of, cottonballs, david usher, destruction, drama, dreams, euphoria, existence of personalities, extremities, eyebrows, fate, fear of death, feeling calm, feeling relaxed, floof, flowers, free floating emotions, glamourous lifestyles, gossip, happiness, hip bones, idea of god, illusions vs reality, immortality, insanity, inspiration, lemons, life =, love like the fairytales, lying, madness, make-up, making fun of stuff, making wishes, meaning behind insignificants, minds, moist, money, morphine, my dog brandy, not needing, nothingness, overwhelming emotions, people, perfection, plastic people, power, produce, snooping, snowstorms, souls, stories about people, sunrises with pink clouds, swirls, the after life, thoughts, toronto, uncalled for emotions, whirlwinds, wrist modifications, wrist scars, wrists